6 Tips for live streaming


Live online video is gaining great popularity, but even with content, cameras, lighting etc worked out the streaming of the event is not even close to over.

Everybody has different ways of doing things, same goes for streaming.

Listed here are some of streaming practices that producers can keep in mind.


1. Theres probably tones of other ways of doing it.

Everyone has a different way of doing things. A solution for one event may differ from a solution for another event. There are literally hundreds of ways of doing it.

The things to keep in mind are cost, quality and possibility of failure.


2. Use a video switcher

To get an interesting and dynamic shown, the best practice is to use multiple cameras. there are tones of switcher options available, the best switcher for your event would be the one in your budget. More importantly the one you are comfortable using.


3. Get the video out.

The success for a live event is based on a good bandwidth and many rehearsals.

Always test the bandwidth, but testing it before the audience has come may be misleading if the audience will be sharing the bandwidth.


4. Pre-event testing is not optional.

There’s something every expert on production will agree on is  testing. Test, test and keep testing. while testing before hand can help you discover problems, testing onsite can help tremendously, and is your first priority once your gear is set up.


5. Start the webcast early.

Always start the webcast early, the time prior to the event isn’t just to set up your gear and to test. starting your webcast earlier than it actually starts. You could go live with a countdown or with some music or a shot of the venue.


6. Have a plan B

Always have a backup plan, incase your fails. the back up planning you do the less chances of failure and your recovery will be faster.

Don’t over look anything. More importantly power, backup everything starting with power. Because if your primary power fails, you’ll end up having nothing to work with.

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