YouTube – A boon or a bane?


The new path to online marketing

Dubai – UAE

YouTube, the ultimate litmus test for brands turns out to be a bane for the millionaires.
What is it in the YouTube kid stars which the millionaires owning millions of dollars cannot afford? Not having the essential knowledge in producing a video will definitely not give you the required hits, likes or comments.

As said by YouTube Marketing Expert Brendon Gahan during a conference, ‘On YouTube you can’t buy your way to success.’ He stated how it only required four simple steps to change the way people look at the videos.

YouTube being a tricky platform, firstly the YouTubers need to follow the need of the hour online trending practices. Like for instance, placing notes at the end of the video asking viewers to subscribe as well as the YouTuber should make sure that he is emphasizing on it verbally too while concluding the video, existence of strong video titles etc.
Second, making sure there are no jargons which complicate your video descriptions leaving the viewer confused and making him shift to another channel to watch a video.
Even one like on a video can make a huge difference.
Thirdly, being a simple YouTuber and producing videos which will interest the public who belong to different levels but have a certain important thing in common.

Making videos on topics which will interest the viewers will automatically lead to a vast increase in views as well as likes. Lastly, increasing efforts and working on flaws with each video will enhance the videos, hence making them closer to perfection with the flow. Hence the quote ‘Money can’t buy happiness’, sits just perfectly for the millionaires who aren’t getting what they want in spite of having so much money in hand.

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